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Life Sciences

If you work in Life Sciences, you have the security of working with Setterwalls - a dedicated team of specialists with the skills and experience to face the challenges posed by your industry.

The area of Life Sciences throws up a large number of business law issues over a broad spectrum. Here, you benefit to the utmost from the breadth of knowledge and expertise provided by a full-service firm in this area. It may be a question of industry-specific regulatory issues such as what rules apply to the manufacture, sale and marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and services. What are the specific rules for the marketing of food or the use of so called health claims? Do you need to know what rules apply to starting up and running a pharmacy business? It may also be a question of "market access" issues, carrying out risk assessments or how best to draft an effective license, distribution, research or development agreement or an agreement on clinical trials. We can also help you by representing you in patent infringement cases and other patent disputes.

Our experienced Life Sciences team works with several leading companies in the industry. They include start-ups, innovative growth companies and established operators in the global market.

"This is a great team, which is well equipped to assist pharmaceutical companies. The lawyers have the right attitude and the appropriate legal competencies. They fulfil all requests and requirements, and I am very happy with their support."

- Chambers Europe

"These lawyers are excellent - they are always available when I need them, and present their knowledge in an understandable way, so we can make good decisions for our business."

- Chambers Europe

"The team's performance is outstanding. Both the way the lawyers prepare files and their court appearances are fantastic."

- Chambers & Partners

"Very deep knowledge, they understand our needs."

- Chambers Europe

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