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Life Sciences is an ever growing industry and the often complex regulations pose a challenge for many operators. Setterwalls works broadly with all types of legal advice associated with, among other things, pharmaceuticals, food, medtech, cosmetics and other strictly regulated markets. Sometimes the regulations overlap, leading to demarcation issues. Setterwalls’ team of knowledgeable lawyers and attorneys has solid experience and knowledge of current issues in the field. We are well acquainted with the conditions and needs of companies, whether it is a newly started research company in biotechnology or an internationally established food group.

Companies and stakeholders in Life Sciences encounter many different types of legal issues. Setterwalls assists in, among other things, negotiating and establishing various kinds of agreements, such as research, development, licensing and collaboration agreements, as well as agreements on clinical trials and transfer of materials. In the industry, large values are often linked to intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, data protection and confidential know-how. Setterwalls also assists with strategic considerations regarding the management of intellectual property rights and is one of Sweden’s most engaged firms in cases of patent infringement and other patent disputes.

Furthermore, Setterwalls can assist in various issues related to the regulatory framework such as permit issues, the subsidy system for pharmaceuticals and medtech, the design of marketing of different products, the rules of cooperation and interaction between industry and healthcare, and appeals of government decisions.

If you work in Life Sciences, you have the security of working with Setterwalls - a dedicated team of lawyers with the skills and experience to face the challenges posed by your industry.

If you work in Life Sciences, you can feel safe working with Setterwalls - a dedicated team of lawyers who are specialists with the expertise and experience to meet the challenges in your industry. Read more below about what we can assist you with in Life Sciences.

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"This is a great team, which is well equipped to assist pharmaceutical companies. The lawyers have the right attitude and the appropriate legal competencies. They fulfil all requests and requirements, and I am very happy with their support."

- Chambers Europe

"These lawyers are excellent - they are always available when I need them, and present their knowledge in an understandable way, so we can make good decisions for our business."

- Chambers Europe

"The team's performance is outstanding. Both the way the lawyers prepare files and their court appearances are fantastic."

- Chambers & Partners

"Very deep knowledge, they understand our needs."

- Chambers Europe

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