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Area of Expertise

Real Estate

Our specialists in real estate can provide support throughout the "life cycle" of the property. We give you access to combined expertise all the way, in both commercial and legal terms.

We are there when you need us. From acquisition of properties to development, leasing and financing. We help you with any matter, whether large or small. It may be a question of advice for owners of premises and residential properties or for tenants of commercial premises. Or of providing support to deal with proceedings in rent and tenancy tribunals or courts with regard to rents, expropriation and matters relating to the Swedish Planning and Building Act. We also provide you with support in negotiations on development of areas of land through the production of draft detailed development plans and building permit applications.

Our clients include Swedish and foreign real estate companies, construction companies, the State, municipalities, institutions and associations.

"Their ability to set up a team with the required expertise that meets our needs both from a legal and a business perspective."

- Chambers Europe

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Jessica Schönning Patric Olofsson


Jesper Kuschel


Henrik Trölle