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Area of Expertise

Restructuring, insolvency & creditor’s rights

Our experienced team of experts provide highly qualified legal guidance on everything from complex reconstructions to insolvency-related matters.

Does your business need support in handling an economic crisis – either your own or someone else's? Our specialists are your strategic discussion partners and provide highly qualified legal guidance on everything from complex international financial reconstructions to insolvency-related matters in ongoing contractual relationships. We assist you in all legal matters such as explaining the various options faced by your business and any matters concerning liability for shareholders, the board of directors and the management. We review securities and assess potential outcomes for creditors in the event of a future situation of insolvency. We work in flexible teams with the best skills for each challenge and our advice is based on the creditor-specific considerations that should be taken into account in the specific situation. It is better to engage us in good time and we can then help ensure that a financial crisis never occurs.

Our trustees in bankruptcy, administrators and liquidators are among the leading experts in Sweden and our work involves national and international matters regarding bankruptcy, corporate reorganisation and liquidation.

"Excellent reputation and experience."

- Chambers Europe

"In-depth knowledge of real estate-related insolvency."

- Chambers Europe

"The team quickly gets to the point and provides accurate answers."

- Chambers & Partners

"They understood the legal issues quickly and gave us spot-on advice very efficiently."

- Chambers Europe

"They have the capacity for both financial restructuring and insolvencies."

- Chambers Europe

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