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How does Covid-19 affect your business?
The corona virus (“Covid-19”) outbreak significantly impacts humans, businesses and the society at large and will have immense implications going forward. Setterwalls receives many Covid-19 related enquiries, and we want to reach out with this valuable information to provide guidance in this unique situation. On this page all our corona related articles and invitations to webinars are published.

Setterwalls has gathered our expertise in a Covid-19 team
Challenging times bring new legal issues and challenges for businesses. The issues are often urgent and of a business-critical and strategic nature. At Setterwalls, we have long experience from assisting clients with strategic advice. In order to gather our competencies, stay focused on the development and deliver integrated support to our clients, we have established a dedicated working group for legal and strategic issues in connection with the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Is your buisness in need of legal consulting? Your contact at the firm and our Covid-19 team are prepared to assist you. Welcome!



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