Our commitment to a better world.

Setterwalls for the long term

For us at Setterwalls, it is obvious to take our responsibility for a sustainable future. The ambition is not only to be at the forefront of sustainability issues, but also to act as a model and drive the sustainability work within the entire legal profession.

Please find Setterwalls Sustainability Report 2022 here.




Four cornerstones

Our sustainability work rests on four pillars:

  • Our contribution to the Global Goals
  • Employer with responsibility
  • Long-term quality work
  • Stable and sustainable client relationships

Our contribution to the Global Goals

Everyone needs to contribute to achieving the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. At Setterwalls, we strive to run our business in a responsible and sustainable way that considers social, environmental and economic factors at all levels. We have selected three global goals for social sustainability that we focus on:

  • Quality education for all
  • Gender equality
  • Sustainable consumption and production

Setterwalls contributes to the Global Goals


Employer with responsibility

To attract talent and to retain our qualified employees, we work actively to create a workplace and an environment where everyone thrives and can develop his or her skills. We do this by:

  • focusing on gender equality and diversity
  • creating a healthy workplace
  • developing our leadership
  • actively working with sustainability.

Long-term quality work

To be able to meet our clients’ requirements, live up to our promises, and last in the long run, we must constantly develop and improve our skills. We therefore continuously focus on knowledge sharing and training of all our employees.

Digitalization offers new opportunities to further increase the quality and efficiency of our work and makes it easier for our employees to take part in and disseminate knowledge.

Sustainable client relationships

By protecting our clients in the long term and giving them the best possible support in challenging situations, we create stable and sustainable client relationships. Setterwalls delivers high quality and comprehensive services in all areas of business law competence. Always adapted to our clients’ individual needs.