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Strengthen, secure and develop your business opportunities.

With access to broad and substantive experience

Established in 1878, Setterwalls is one of Sweden’s premier full-service business law firms, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. At Setterwalls, you always have access to the best legal team who use their collective experience, broad expertise, and extensive knowledge to ensure your business thrives.

Our business ethics and values ​​are based on a wholehearted commitment to our clients, colleagues, and community. Welcome to Setterwalls!

With 100% focus on commitment and performance

There are probably many firms that can give you the support that you need. However you should not settle merely for that. Any advisor worthy of the name is also perceptive and has extensive experience, is connected to influential networks and has the right people. But, above all, personal commitment is just as important as performance. The persistence to always do the very best equals the desire to build a relationship that lasts far longer than just reaching the negotiating table.

You always get access to the best team

When we say “the best”, we don’t just mean leading-edge expertise in a particular field or experience of a specific industry. Personality is just as important as skills and experience. We are entrepreneurial by nature and value the experience of working together with our clients. Because when we all  feel like a natural parts of the best team, we are able to carry out the assignment in the most businesslike, efficient and smooth way.

We’re not only there when it happens. We make sure it happens.

As a customer, you should always feel that we are close by. Both geographically and in person. That is why we have full-service offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. That is also why our staff is in daily contact with an extensive network of leading lawyers and firms all over the world.

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