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Searching for the best alternative?

Where good isn’t enough.

Hand on heart. Who do you really want to have on your side when it comes to making the crucial decisions? Someone who understands that each business has its own dynamic, that routine assignments seldom exist in an increasingly complex business world?

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With 100% focus on commitment and performance.

Of course there are a many firms that can handle the tasks you need help with. But don't just settle for that. Any advisor worthy of the name is also responsive and has extensive experience, the right networks and the right staff. But, above all, personal commitment shines just as brightly as performance. The desire to always do our very best is just as strong as the desire to build relationships that last far longer than just the time spent at the negotiating table.

You always get access to the best team.

When we say "the best", we don't just mean leading-edge expertise in a particular field or experience of a specific industry. Personality is just as important as skills and experience. The people you work with at our firm are entrepreneurial and are people you feel comfortable with, where working together is an experience. Because when we both feel like a natural part of the best team, we're in a position to carry out the assignment in the most businesslike, efficient and effective way.

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We're not only there when it happens. We make sure it happens.

As a customer, you should always feel that we are close by, whenever and wherever you need us. We mean both geographically and personally. That is why we have full-service offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe. And that is why our staff are in daily contact with an extensive network of leading lawyers and firms all over the world. Many foreign law firms and their global customers have a great deal of confidence in Setterwalls.

”service level is fantastic”

- Legal 500

”great energy, focus and partner attention”

- Chambers and partners

”excellent skills in this area”

- Chambers and partners

Giving advice in three centuries.

Setterwalls is the oldest law firm in Sweden. Our history dates back to 1878, when the lawyers Nils Setterwall and Oscar von Koch purchased "Advokatföreningen, Juridisk Affärsbyrå" in Stockholm. Nils Setterwall was also one of the founders of the Swedish Bar Association in 1887.