Being a responsible employer.

In order to attract talent and to retain our qualified employees, we work actively to create a place where everyone feels at home and is given the opportunity to develop his/her skills. We do this, among other things, by:

  • focusing on gender equality and diversity. We work actively and with a clear target of promoting equal rights and opportunities in working life regardless of gender, ethnic affiliation, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age. It is a fundamental prerequisite for our business that all employees should be given the same conditions to develop their full potential and this is something that we must constantly strive for.
  • having a healthy workplace. In order to perform and feel good, we need to move and spend time on recovery. We therefore offer our employees a number of different wellness activities and we work actively to create a workplace with a long-term sustainable workload.
  • investing in leadership. We are constantly improving our leadership as we know that it is a parameter that not only attracts potential recruiters but also retains employees. Good leadership not only increases our attractiveness as an employer, but also contributes to the development of our entire business.
  • acting from a sustainability perspective. Everything we do must rest on a long-term sustainable foundation.