Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 4 – Quality education for all.

As part of our work to achieve the global goal of quality education for all, we have chosen to collaborate with Mentor Sweden – a non-profit organization for young people between the ages of 13 and 17 – which, through mentoring and adult presence, helps to strengthen young people's self-esteem and will to make positive choices. As mentors, we frequently meet young people and talk about paths into the working life. We also try to give a broader perspective of what one can work with in the future.

The collaboration includes:

  • Hosting Mentor Trainee. Here, young people ages 15 to 18, who have or have had a mentor, get support on their way to their first job. During one year, the participant, in close cooperation with the business community, can prepare for the future. They are offered inspirational lectures, workshops, leadership and rhetoric training.
  • Mentor program. Here we, as mentors, have the opportunity to support a young person about twice a month for one year. In addition to paths into working life, we talk about important topics such as self-esteem and peer pressure.


Goal 5 – Gender equality.

We strive to strengthen gender equality in society. In addition to our continuous work with gender equality in our own operations and within the legal profession, we have chosen to collaborate with the 17Network (17nätverket) as a step towards this goal. The network promotes women's entrepreneurship and their vision is that as many women as men shall own and run large companies.

Goal 12 - Sustainable consumption and production.

Setterwalls strives to become a carbon neutral company. One step in this direction is that we carbon offset our emissions by supporting the Vi Agroforestry – a Swedish aid organization that combats poverty and improves the environment through tree planting.


Setterwalls contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.