Setterwalls’ contribution to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Goal 4 – Quality education

As part of our effort to achieve the global goal of quality education, Setterwalls has for long had good relations with some of the country’s leading universities. We often give lectures at advanced levels in Law School and our employees are active in the events organized by the student associations.

As a law student at Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg or Lund University, you have the chance to meet Setterwalls and get a deeper insight into what it is like to work at a business law firm. Examples of such opportunities are interviews with us, resume reviews, work in our student pool, summer internship, essay internship and A day at Setterwalls.


Goal 5 – Gender equality

We constantly strive for increased equality in society. In addition to continuously and proactively working with gender equality issues in our own business and in the legal industry, we have chosen to collaborate with the 17nätverket as a step towards this goal.

17nätverket is an organization that promotes womens’ entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship with the vision that as many women as men will own and run large companies.


Goal 12 – Sustainable consumption and production

We strive to become a carbon-neutral company and implement continuous improvements in routines and processes to minimize our climate footprint. This work includes raising awareness of ourselves as well as our partners and suppliers about the importance of resource efficiency in everything from travel to purchasing and source sorting.

Another step in this ambition is climate compensation by supporting Vi-skogen – a Swedish aid organization that fights poverty and improves the environment through tree planting.



Setterwalls contributes to the Global Goals