case / 17 Jun 2022

Setterwalls has assisted PEQ II Invest AB in connection with the sale of Samres AB to Eniro

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Setterwalls has assisted PEQ Invest II AB and the other shareholders in connection with the sale of all outstanding shares in Samres AB to Eniro, which is carrying out the acquisition through its Finnish subsidiary Dynava Oy.

The Samres Group, which consists of Samres AB and three subsidiaries, is a group with approx. 300 employees and is specialised in organising and delivering medical transport services, and other critical transport services on behalf of municipalities, county councils and county transport companies. Dynava provides customer service and answering services for major companies in the Nordic region and directory enquiry services. Dynava AB is the market leader in the Swedish directory service market and Dynava Oy is one of the largest players on the Finnish customer contact market.

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