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Midsona Group AB chooses Setterwalls

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Midsona Group chooses Setterwalls to handle and administer its intellectual property. Midsona Group has signed an agreement with Setterwalls under which Setterwalls will administer and represent the rights of all companies that are part of Midsona Group’s world wide. Part of Midsona Group are companies such as Maxmedica AB, Maxmedica Oy, Friggs AB, Vitalas AB, Vitamex AB, Midelfart Sonesson AS and Miwana AB.

Midsona develops, produces and markets well documented products in the fields food and health, herbal medicine, colds and hygiene. The net turnover of the group is around MSEK 1.350 (2009) and the group has approximately 305 employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Midsona is currently the business leader in Scandinavia in food and health, herbal medicine, colds and hygiene. The goal is to offer the customers a mix of strong brands of its own as well as brands from clients that combined provide the best range of products as well as a unique knowledge of the market. The market for herbal medicine has traditionally been controlled by channels with different brands in different sales channels. Midsona offers brands to all channels in Scandinavia.

Own brands
The group has a number of brands under which the main part of the groups own product brands are sold. Friggs in functional food and food supplements, MaxMedica in food supplements, Miwana in colds, Triomega for omega-3, Vitalas for direct sales, Naturdiet for weight control and MyggA.

Sales commission
As a supplement to Midsona’s own brands there are a number of brands from different clients. Blutsaft from Salus, Liposinol for weight control from InQpharm, mother and baby products from Philips Avent, herbal medicine from Schwabe, food supplements from Nature’s Sunshine, beauty products from Simple and Esberitox against colds from Schaper & Brümmer are some of the group’s most important sales commissions.

Setterwalls look forward to working together with Midsona Group and are most of all happy to further expand its work in the Life sciences sector.


Practice areas:

Life Sciences

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