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Area of Expertise

IT law and data protection

Our specialists in IT law and data protection have leading-edge expertise in the market in IT law in general and personal data and other privacy matters in particular.

Our experienced specialists can provide you with support in all your IT-related challenges. From planning and implementation of systems procurement, outsourcing or procurement of cloud services and other IT services to the drafting and negotiation of development and licence agreements. Or advice concerning open source, use of cookies and other matters relating to the internet. We can help you in all GDPR/personal data and information security matters. This can include training on the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and support in your implementation of internal rules and processes to ensure that your business complies with the regulatory framework or discussions with the Swedish Data Inspection Board.

We work with a broad spectrum of companies. From telecoms and internet service providers and e-commerce companies to IT consultants, hardware manufacturers, software development companies and investors as well as their customers.

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