Area of Expertise

IT law and data protection

Our specialists have market-leading expertise in IT law with primary focus on personal data and privacy issues.

Our experienced specialists can support you in all your IT-related challenges. For example, we assist you with:

  • system procurement,
  • outsourcing
  • procurement of cloud services and IT services,
  • the establishment of development and licensing agreements.

Our advice often includes open source licenses, the use of cookies and other internet related issues.

Great GDPR competence

We can help you with all personal data and information security issues. This may include, for example:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training courses
  • GDPR implementation support
  • Assistance in the case of any matters with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

We also provide you with immediate assistance if the business has been affected by a personal data breach and you need advice on any potential notification requirements to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Broad expertise within the entire IT industry

We work with a wide range of companies in the IT industry. For example:

  • telecommunications and internet operators,
  • e-commerce companies,
  • IT consultants,
  • hardware manufacturers,
  • software development companies,
  • investors and customers to the aforementioned actors.


Pragmatic and to the point with a practical, balanced view.

Legal 500

Easy to get in touch with. They helped us with our GDPR project in a very competent way.

Legal 500

Setterwalls has a knowledgeable and committed team helping us with our different GDPR questions. They do the work in an efficient and trustworthy which we are very satisfied with.

Legal 500

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