Environmental risks in transactions

When acquiring or selling companies and real estate it is important to investigate and identify any environmental risks and subsequent liabilities that may arise from the transaction. Typical risks in transactions concern issues of possible liability for soil contamination and any existing or necessary environmental permits. It is important to check that all environmental permits and rights are valid and applicable after the transaction and do not hinder the buyer’s strategy with the acquisition. As Setterwalls continuously assists clients in the process of obtaining environmental permits, our environmental lawyers have the special competencies required to provide advice regarding management of existing environmental permits in connection with transactions.rnrnPotential liability for environmental pollution may entail significant costs and special expertise is required to regulate such liability in the transaction documents. Liability for remediation of soil and water pollution can often come as a surprise to the subject active today, as the pollution often occurred several decades ago and the legal responsibility remains. Setterwalls’ team of environmental lawyers take a comprehensive approach to all potential environmental risks in a transaction. In major transactions, Setterwalls’ environmental team has on several occasions been entrusted by an external party the task of preparing a separate environmental law due diligence report, a confirmation that Setterwalls provides first-class advice on environmental law.rnrnSetterwalls’ environmental law team is made up of specialists with many years’ experience in issues relating to environmental and energy law. We work closely with our clients and depending on the nature of the matter, we put together a team of experts tailoring the legal work according to requirements and needs. We also offer courses in commercial environmental law that increase the understanding of environmental law of companies and organizations. Contact us for more information.rnrnPlease sign up for our newsletters and invitations to seminars below.

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