Lease and tenancy law

When entering into a lease, there are a number of parameters to consider to ensure that each party’s purpose with the lease is fulfilled. It is important that the lease regulates these issues clearly and that the mandatory legal regulations that apply in the area are taken into account.rnrnSetterwalls has long experience in reviewing, negotiating and establishing all types of leases. These may include leases for offices, retail and other commercial premises, but also industrial premises and premises that are to be rebuilt or which have not yet been erected. Leases regarding premises to be erected include many complex issues, something we have experienced in several major development projects. Our experience in the field of lease law spans across many different sectors, from retail and the hotel and restaurant industry, to schools and healthcare. Our clients are Swedish as well as foreign companies, authorities and municipalities. Particular considerations must be made when the authority or municipality is a contracting party due to its procurement obligation. In this area, we have extensive experience in the relationship between rent and the procurement law regulations.rnrnOur work also includes issues regarding the tenant’s indirect right of tenure, such as the preparation of terminations, assistance in proceedings before the Rent Tribunal (Sw. hyresnämnden), damages proceedings in public courts regarding compensation claims due to the indirect right of tenure etc. Our team also handles the review of leases in due diligence processes. Through our ongoing advice in the field of lease law, we have the special expertise required to identify the lease risks in a transfer or acquisition situation.

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