case / 30 Jan 2024

Setterwalls has assisted Göteborgs Hamn AB regarding permit application for Skandia Gateway

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Setterwalls has assisted Göteborgs Hamn AB in the permit application for water activities in terms of widening and deepening the entrance chute to the port – project Skandia Gateway.

The purpose of Skandia Gateway is to ensure that the port of Gothenburg, as a strategically important transport hub, can receive direct transoceanic container ships and other types of ships that require greater water depth, in order to ensure an efficient supply function for Swedish foreign trade and contribute to strengthening the international competitiveness of Swedish business.

An environmental permit is required for the Skandia Gateway to be implemented. After the main hearing in The Land and Environment Court in June 2022, Göteborgs Hamn AB received permission to implement its part of the Skandia Gateway project in October 2022. The Swedish Maritime Administration received a final judgement for its part in March 2023. Now, the project is set to be implemented.

The Port of Gothenburg is Scandinavia’s largest port and an important gateway to and from the Swedish and Scandinavian markets.

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