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If you work in infrastructure or other kinds of community development projects, you know that a great deal of expertise and knowledge of the industry is required. Including from a legal perspective. We are always on hand with the right expertise and experience.

Our specialists help you with planning, procurement, implementation and monitoring of all types of infrastructure and community development projects. From start to finish, at regional, national and international level. Projects may involve construction of roads and railways or work in the areas of energy, health or medical care. We can help you clarify financing options and assess risks and weigh up the possibilities when the project does not go according to plan and we can also assist you in the event of any dispute. If you are involved in a privately financed cooperation project or a PPP project, we provide you with support in any legal and commercial issues that may arise. Our specialists have been involved in several large projects such as the Arlandabanan railway, the Öresund bridge, the St. Göran hospital, the tunnel through Hallandsås and the Botniabanan railway and also with finance solutions in foreign projects such as the E18 in Norway and sewage treatment plants in St. Petersburg.

Our list of clients includes public clients and State and municipal authorities and companies as well as private clients such as contractors, financiers and consultants.