case / 10 Apr 2024

Setterwalls has assisted Jollyroom in a dispute over misleading price marketing related to new marketing legislation

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Success for Jollyroom AB in the Swedish Patent and Market Court
Setterwalls has represented Jollyroom, one of the Nordic region’s largest e-retailer in children’s and baby products, in a dispute over misleading and unfair marketing against Twistshake of Sweden AB. Jollyroom brought an action regarding prohibitory injunction under penalty of a fine for a number of marketing measures taken by Twistshake, all of which made the company’s sales and offers appear more favorable than what they really were. Jollyroom’s case was upheld on all counts, and Twistshake was prohibited under penalty of a fine of SEK 500,000 for continuing with the unfair marketing measures in question. The judgement was issued on March 22, 2024.

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