Anti-corruption & Corporate Investigations

Setterwalls’ group for Anti-Corruption & Corporate Investigations strives to protect your business and transactions. At Setterwalls, we help our clients ensure compliance in all aspects of their commercial business, as well to protect themselves against corruption and conspiracy – to defend clients’ commercial interest and ensure that no contraventions occur.


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In order to reduce the risk of violations for applicable laws and regulations, we help our clients to develop routines and raise awareness among staff and management for compliance issues and good corporate governance. We also provide tailor made education.

We assist in planning and performing investigatory projects to identify illicit and perilous behavior and business models, inter alia with respect to bribes, corruption and money laundering. Such projects may include analyzing of transactions, internal policies and instructions. We provide education and assist in establishing whistleblowingsystems.

We provide our clients with support and advice in relation to internal investigations. This may include coordinating our legal assessment with technical or other expertise as well as protecting sensitive information while investigation is ongoing.

We provide advice on how various violations should be managed in best suitable manner. It can involve disciplinary actions against employees, notifying authorities and other measures to ensure that the situation will not be repeated.


Setterwalls’ Anti-corruption & Corporate Investigations Team

Setterwalls’ Anti-Corruption & Corporate Invesitgations team is a separate unit with specialists from different operation areas. We are in possession of legal knowledge and vast experience within Risk and Compliance, either it is a question about Anti- Corruption, Antitrust and Money laundering matters or other issues that may form a threat against a commercial activity. Having access to own and external specialists, we can immediately form an adjusted group, in order to prevent or handle a situation that has arisen within the particular company or organization. We provide i.a. educations and can assist you in the establishing of whistle-blowing systems.



Setterwalls is the exclusively appointed partner firm in Sweden to TRACE InternationalTRACE has the mission to advance commercial transparency worldwide and counter corruption. Through the organization, Setterwalls has an extensive network of highly qualified expertise worldwide within the area of anti-corruption and investigations.

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