article / 14 Jun 2017

FinTech Report, June 2017

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In addition to our previous Setterwalls Reports, we are pleased to present yet another aspect of our FinTech Report, in which members of the Setterwalls FinTech team comment on hot legal topics pertaining to the sector.

As we look back at 2016, we see a year of all-time-highs in so many areas. The IPO market is alive and kicking, and the number of closed deals and investments increased significantly compared to 2015 (which was also a good year). We also see an active VC and business angels market, as well as a cocky, vibrant, start-up technology driven scene here in Stockholm. Thus, as long as the world does not fall apart due to Brexit or the statements/actions of Trump/Putin (worse even than those encountered so far) and interest rates are low, there is plenty of money to be invested in 2017 as well.

People in general might find the term FinTech (or thebroader moniker RegTech) to be the industry’s mostover-hyped term over the last years. We, on the otherhand, still see a very prosperous, vital market that isgenerating investments, co-operation and transactions.In addition, we see FinTech as synonymous with a movementfor change, and a challenge to history, which createsa well-functioning, creative environment. We have seensignificant reduction in barriers to entry, and a dramaticincrease in customer demand for digital expectations. So, what exactly will 2017 bring us in terms of FinTech?

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