case / 29 Jan 2016

Setterwalls has assisted Enzymatica AB (publ) in the acquisition of the Icelandic company Zymetech

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Enzymatica has signed an agreement to acquire approximately 99 per cent of the shares in the Icelandic company Zymetech via a non-cash issue of shares and warrants.

The acquisition gives Enzymatica international exclusive rights to a patent-protected enzyme, a key ingredient in ColdZyme® Mouth Spray, as well as control over production of the enzyme, access to international research and development expertise and Zymetech’s portfolio. Setterwalls has assisted Enzymatica in the acquisition.

Enzymatica is a life science company whose business concept is to offer effective help against common diseases where viruses or bacteria play a decisive role. The company has developed a unique oral spray for colds, ColdZyme®, which has been launched on six markets including the Swedish market.

Zymetech is a globally leading company in research, development, production and sales of marine-derived enzymes for therapeutic application. The company’s technology of developing and manufacturing formulations containing marine-derived enzymes, the Penzyme® technology, is at the core of its intellectual property.

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