case | 14 Mar 2019

Setterwalls has assisted the Lithuanian company AB Plasta in the acquisition of Rullpack AB

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Setterwalls has assisted AB Plasta in the acquisition of Rullpack AB from Holtback Group AB and others

Rullpack AB’s production is mainly focused on the production of bags and sacks on rolls. Rullpack AB’s production is based on new raw material, recycled material and biomaterial. Rullpack AB delivers to the professional market as well as to customers on a consumer level. AB Plasta is one of the largest polethylene recycler and plastic products producer in Europe. AB Plasta’s business is focused on production based on recycled materials and the company recycles more than 30,000 tonnes of used plastic each year. Through its acquisition of Rullpack AB, AB Plasta is now expanding its sales and production channels in Sweden and in the further Nordic region.

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