case | 26 Jul 2022

Setterwalls has successfully represented Jollyroom AB in a misleading marketing dispute against Baby V AB

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The Patent and Market Court approved Jollyroom’s claim regarding imposition of a penalty fine due to Baby V’s misleading price marketing.

Setterwalls has represented Jollyroom AB, one of the Nordics’ largest e-retailer in children’s and baby products, in another dispute regarding misleading and improper marketing against one of Jollyroom’s competitors, Baby V AB. This time the case concerned the imposition of a penalty fine since Jollyroom noticed that Baby V had taken misleading price marketing measures in breach with the prohibitions previously announced by the Court. Through the verdict, Baby V is obliged to pay a penalty fine of SEK 250,000 to the Swedish state. The verdict was announced on July 15, 2022.

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