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Area of expertise

Construction contract law

Our top quality construction team has extensive experience in meeting today’s high demands for industry knowledge. With our wide range of services and geographical spread, we can easily provide the right expertise for your company’s project.

Construction law experts

Our construction law experts help you with all stages of the construction project, such as:

  • planning
  • contract strategy and contract drafting
  • procurement, private or public
  • project support during the construction
  • inspections
  • handling of claims and disputes

We are of course used to working with the AMA and AB system, but we also handle projects regulated by other standards such as FIDIC or according to stand alone contract solutions.

International experience

Although most of the projects we are involved in are Swedish constructions regulated by Swedish agreements, we work extensively with international projects, both for Swedish and foreign clients. For us, it is just as natural to work with Swedish contracts as with contracts written in English.

Our clients

Our clients belong to several of the industry’s most prominent companies. We have not chosen sides but represent both employers and contractors. We work with companies active in all parts of the construction industry, such as housing developers, investors, construction companies, suppliers of goods, property owners, consultants, publicly owned companies as well as entities owned by the Swedish state or municipalities.


Hans Dahlberg Kolga


Erik Svedlund


Henrik Trölle

  • Construction contract law
    Very dedicated team which operates in a structured way.
    Legal 500
  • Construction contract law
    Excellent availability and engagement and a high quality of legal Product.
    Legal 500
  • Construction contract law
    Good time management and a professional approach to every inquiry.
    Legal 500
  • Construction contract law
    It is always a challenge to have negotiations with local contractors in a transaction environment with international investors requiring all documents to be bankable. Setterwalls managed to have a pragmatic view focusing on the important issues.
    Legal 500
  • Construction contract law
    Very pragmatic and business minded approach helps focus on the vital questions.
    Legal 500
  • Construction contract law
    Very trustworthy and able to build relations with the counterpart by acting professional and showing expertise.
    Legal 500