firm news | 18 Aug 2023

Setterwalls joins the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance to accelerate the transition to net zero

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Law firms around the globe are mobilising to accelerate the transition to zero through commitment, capacity building and commercial law services. The Net Zero Lawyers Alliance hosts a platform to major international law firms and joint resources aiming to contribute to the net zero movement. We are happy to announce that as of this year, Setterwalls has joined as a member with the ambition to support important initiatives leading to a faster transition as well as reaching our own environmental goals within the ESG spectrum.

Coming together over country and professional borders provides the much needed exponential force to reach climate friendly actions. Through knowledge sharing and other initiatives we will be able to take relevant measures to ensure climate sustainability throughout our internal processes, in market communications, as well as part of our advisory services to clients. Being one of the leading law firms in Sweden with a broad international network we acknowledge the rapidly growing market interest as well as upcoming laws and regulations in relation to climate change. Setterwalls holds a strong position in several expert areas all closely related to sustainable business, ranging from environmental and energy law, to compliance, EU and competition, and banking and finance law, to mention some.

Henrik Kjellander, Managing Partner at Setterwalls, highlights the joint responsibility to take cross-border actions:

I am convinced that within the entire legal profession – all over the world – there is a strong will to come together in accelerating the net zero transition. After all, we do form an important knot of knowledge bringing national and international law together with company innovation and community actions. Setterwalls was founded in 1878 and since then, the world has faced so many challenges and transformations and yet there are more to come. By joining the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance, we hope that we can contribute to a safer and sustainable future.

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