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Public procurement

Experienced public procurement team

Our experts provide concrete advice and assistance with strategic issues throughout the procurement process, both to suppliers and to contracting authorities and entities. We have extensive experience in assisting on both sides of the private-public business and regularly provide support related to, for example, analysis and preparation, implementation and participation in the procurement process, contract negotiation, implementation and follow-up. When it comes to assisting in connection with the participation or execution of procurements, we have special experience in assisting in highly complex and specialized procurement, for example procurements related to IT, healthcare, infrastructure and other objects of vital public importance.

We provide advice on all types of procurement, including for example procurement in the utility sectors and within the area of defence and security as well as certain procurement types specific to Sweden (such as systems pursuant to the Act on System of Choice in the Public Sector).

We also have special experience in assisting in procurement of public-private partnership (PPP) projects and other types of public-private collaboration, concession procurements, innovation procurements and public-private innovation projects (PPI).

Our support to contracting authorities and entities includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Assisting in market research and needs analysis
  • Investigations of different implementation models and action plans
  • Review and quality assurance of procurement documents
  • Preparation of agreements
  • Support in connection with negotiated procedures and competitive dialogue procedures
  • Advice on specific issues such as protective security and other issues that may arise in the public sector (read more under Activities in the public sector)

For larger projects, we can manage and coordinate efforts in many areas in order to ensure both that the process is compatible with procurement legislation and that it leads to a successful business operation.

Our advice to suppliers includes both support to smaller suppliers in the first contact with the public market and qualified advice for established suppliers to the public sector on business-critical issues.

We regularly assist with:

  • Strategic issues
  • Review and quality assurance of bids
  • Assisting in negotiations and dialogue
  • Support entering into and following-up of agreements
  • Advice in connection with self-cleaning and other types of issues that may affect the possibilities of participating in procurements.

Furthermore, we provide contracting authorities and entities as well as suppliers advice in connection with change of contract parties and transfers of public contracts and regularly assist in matters of public access to information and secrecy in connection with public procurement.

Our experts have experience in all types of court proceedings, such as review of procurements and public contracts, liability procedures and procedures regarding procurement fines, and regularly assist both contracting authorities and suppliers in connection with court proceedings.

Sharing knowledge

We regularly provide training for clients, hold seminars and participate in the debate on current topics in public procurement.

Swedish and international clients

Among our clients are government agencies, municipalities, industry organizations, many of the country’s leading companies and leading international groups.


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    I liked the team’s flexibility and the way it handled my problems or questions right away. We got the help needed, and the lawyers were keen on doing the best for us. It reassured me, they put in the right amount of time.
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    Good time management, a professional approach and excellent quality.
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    Their availability when really needed and customer adaptability.
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    The team is very flexible and effective in its cooperation and delivers a high-quality service
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