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Defending design in the world of “dupefluencers” – a how-to guide

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In today’s fashion industry, well-known brands often come with a higher price tag, making them prime targets for imitation. Enter the world of “dupefluencers”, counterfeits and the capitalization of the demand for high-end fashion at a fraction of the cost. This article outlines essential strategies for safeguarding your brand and maintaining its exclusivity in the face of fashion piracy.

The era of dupes

In the field of fashion, imitation is not merely flattery, it is a lucrative business. From designer handbags and lipsticks to sneakers, there exists a thriving market of dupes – affordable alternatives that mimic the aesthetic of well-known brands. Furthermore, dupes are often promoted by influencers who effectively markets the products. These “dupefluencers” help companies capitalize on the desire for luxury without the associated price tag, flooding social media feeds with budget-friendly alternatives that blur the line between inspiration and infringement.

How to protect designs against piracy?

For companies committed to integrity and originality, safeguarding their intellectual property rights is essential. Here are a few strategies that could be used to strengthen your company’s brand and intellectual property and help protect it against design and fashion piracy:

  1. Registering trademarks
    Your brand’s name and logo are its visual identity, and what sets it apart in a crowded marketplace. Registering trademarks in key markets not only provides as legal protection but also asserts your brand’s authenticity amongst a sea of dupes.
  2. Ensuring that you have solid agreements in place
    Behind the scenes of every fashion house and design lies a web of contracts and agreements, the foundation upon which creative visions are realized. Ensure that you have agreements in place with suppliers, manufacturers, consultants, and collaborators which include robust clauses that protect your intellectual property rights. These legal safeguards protect your brand from exploitation and imitation.
  3. Safeguarding your design and trade secrets
    Your creative process is the cornerstone of your brand’s essence. Therefore, you should treat your design archives like a fortress, implementing strict access controls and confidentiality measures to prevent unauthorized replication. Whether it is your latest sketches or fabric swatches, guard them legally to maintain the integrity of your creation and protect your trade secrets.
  4. Establishing an overall IP-strategy
    In addition to the above, an effective IP strategy not only protects your innovations, but also helps you secure competitive advantages in the market enabling you to monetize your IP-assets.

Next steps to take

In the glamourous world of fashion, safeguarding your company brand against piracy and dupes is not just a matter of style, it is a strategic necessity. Adopting a proactive approach and implementing the above-mentioned strategies will help protect your brand against the threat of counterfeit intrusions. In order to ensure your brand’s protection and its distinction as an original amongst a sea of dupes, it is crucial to act early on. If you wish to discuss how to maximize your competitive advantage or seek assistance in protecting any of your intellectual assets, you are welcome to contact Setterwalls. Our experts offer legal and strategical advice and support to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected.

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