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Tove Andersson

Delägare, Advokat


Jag arbetar sedan 2003 med miljö- och energirätt i alla dess former. Arbetet omfattar allt från storskaliga miljötillståndsprocesser inom olika branscher till transaktioner.

Mitt främsta expertisområde är miljötillståndsprocesser och jag anlitas ofta som huvudombud (lead counsel) för detta inom olika branscher. Energisektorn är en av mina främsta nischer och jag arbetar sedan många år bl.a. med flera av landets största aktörer inom vindkraft. Bergmaterialindustrin och avfallsbranschen är därtill mångåriga fokusområden. Jag bistår vidare regelbundet i allt från vattenprövningar till olika former av miljötillsyn, masshanteringsprojekt, elnät och artskyddsfrågor. Den snabba utvecklingen avseende större solkraftanläggningar samt energigaser, inte minst vätgas, ger upphov till regulatoriska frågor. Därtill har livsmedelssektorn med åren blivit ett växande segment.

Olika former av miljöansvar samt miljö- och energirätt i avtalsförhandlingar och transaktioner, ofta för internationella aktörer, är en central del av min rådgivning.

Jag har även särskild kunskap inom obeståndsrelaterad miljöjuridik i gruvbranschen såväl som i ansvarsfrågor gällande naturolyckor.

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Wistrand Advokatbyrå, delägare


Wistrand Advokatbyrå, biträdande jurist


Mölndals tingsrätt, tingsnotarie


Lunds universitet, juristexamen


Köpenhamns universitet, EU-miljörätt samt internationell miljö- och energirätt



Expert i Artskyddsutredningen (M 2020:03)

Tove Andersson är rankad som Leading Individual av Legal 500 (Environment) respektive som Recommended Lawyer (Environment och Energy), rankad av Chambers Europe Energy & Natural Resources och Environment, angiven av Client Choice samt angiven som expert i Who’sWho Legal (Environment och Energy) samt listad i Energy and Environment Expert Guide.

”An expert lawyer with in-depth and broad knowledge across the field.”

Chambers Europe 2022 - Environment

”Tove Andersson has expert knowledge of environmental and wind power legislation. She understands the problem at hand quickly and is quick to propose relevant solutions.”

Chambers Europe 2022 - Energy & natural resources

”Tove Andersson is lauded for her “deep regulatory insight” and “strategic approach” to the gamut of environment and energy issues.”

Who's Who Legal 2022 – Energy

”Tove Andersson is highly regarded by clients, who praise her as ‘the number one top lawyer within the environment field‘.”

Legal 500 2021 - Environment

”Our contact with Setterwalls has been with very professional individuals. Tove Andersson stands out as committed, focused and knowledgeable.”

Legal 500 2021 - Energy

”Go-to resource for legal matters surrounding permits, agreements and authority dealings in the wind business.”

Chambers Europe 2021 - Energy & Natural resources

”They have exceptional competence in the environmental area not found in other firms. Especially Tove Andersson stands out as a highly competent and efficient lawyer. They are able to rapidly help with all kinds of legal dilemmas and matters.’”

Legal 500 2021 - Environment

”She understands what we as clients are looking for.”

Chambers Europe 2021 - Environment

”Tove Andersson is the main reason we use the environmental department of Setterwalls. Tove Andersson really stands out among lawyers in the environmental legal area. No matter what area we need help with, she always delivers.”

Legal 500 2021 - Environment

”Tove Andersson is an “extremely well-experienced lawyer” takes a “creative approach” to a broad range of environmental law matters including permit applications, species protection, wind farm projects and waste management issues.”

Who's Who Legal, 2021 – Environment

”Tove Andersson is an outstanding lawyer with expert knowledge in energy and environmental law. She has an excellent ability to quickly understand the issue at hand, break it down to affected legislation and propose action on how the matter should be handled. She has great interpersonal relationships and is an appreciated speaker and panellist who shares her experience in an understandable way for the audience.”

Legal 500, 2020 - Energy

”Tove Andersson is a very competent and proficient person. She pays great attention when presented with different problems and related questions. The feedback received is admirable as it gives a new perspective of the subject and relevant suggestions for solving the problems she has been presented with. Tove has behaved professionally and with desirable commitment throughout the entire work process. She has always been easy to reach and quick to respond.”

Legal 500, 2020 - Environment and Energy

”Tove Andersson is committed, knowledgeable and delivers a professional result while creating good customer relations.”

Legal 500, 2020 - Environment

”We work with Tove Andersson and are very satisfied with her capability. She is effective and doesn’t waste any of our time in the process. She is always on top of her game and spot on with her advice to us.”

Legal 500, 2020 - Environment

”Tove Andersson is an expert in legal issues concerning our market.”

Legal 500, 2020 - Environment

”Tove Andersson and Anders Linnerborg have great knowledge in their fields of expertise and both are very professional.”

Legal 500, 2020 - Environment

”She's a very good lawyer, with a great knowledge of environmental permits.”

Chambers & Partners 2020 - Environment

”She's very good at reporting back to us.”

Chambers & Partners 2020 - Energy & Natural Resources

”Tove Andersson receives commendations from sources who highlight her “deep analytic skills and ability to quickly grasp the relevant issues of the topic in question” and note that she is “fast-acting in proceedings to keep up the momentum.”

Who'sWho Legal 2019 - Environment

”New recruit to the team Tove Andersson attracts clients to the practice with her in-depth knowledge of multiple areas of environmental law. One source reports: "She is very good at co-operating, getting what the customer wants, giving the correct advice and listening to us." She specialises in regulatory proceedings and also acts as counsel on permitting procedures within the wind power, waterworks, mining and electricity sectors.”

Chambers 2019 - Environment

”Tove Andersson is noted for her expertise in permit processes and regulatory mandates.”

Legal 500, 2019 - Environment

”Tove Andersson has 'expert knowledge in environmental law'.”

Legal 500, 2019 - Energy

”Tove Andersson has a strong practice in the renewable energy sector, and is a key adviser to major players in the wind energy market. One interviewee commends her as a "hard-working lawyer with great interpersonal relations who is quick both to understand and to answer questions." The same source also notes her "expert knowledge of wind power legislation."”

Chambers 2019 - Energy & Natural Resources

”Satisfied clients laud Tove Andersson for having a 'very good knowledge of environmental law,' adding that 'she's smart and can very quickly understand things.' She has a broad practice, advising clients on a range of environmental permitting procedures as well as environmental law in connection with M&A matters. She has particular expertise in the wind power industry, assisting clients with a range of transactions and disputes.”

Chambers 2018 – Environment

”Tove Andersson is well known for her environmental law expertise. Peers are quick to point out her regulatory work experience, while clients value her for 'giving clear advice'. She remains active assisting clients with energy law permitting.”

Chambers 2018 - Energy & Natural Resources

”Tove Andersson is a growing name on the Swedish energy market, particularly in connection with energy law permitting. Clients describe her as 'efficient' and someone who is 'very good to work with'.”

Chambers 2017 - Energy & Natural Resources

”Tove Andersson routinely advises on environmental permitting matters, including those relating to energy projects, and is consistently praised by clients for her work on contentious issues and her 'ability to adjust the case in court'. One source notes that she has 'very good interpersonal skills and the flexibility to quickly provide answers to legal questions'.”

Chambers 2017 - Environment

”Tove Andersson focuses primarily on wind power, with strong expertise in environmentally hazardous activities and water works. Peers have been 'very impressed by her' and clients praise her abilities in 'making connections and understanding the problems we have'.”

Chambers 2016 - Environment

”Tove Andersson is noted for her experience in permit applications, particularly regarding wind power projects, as well as other environmentally hazardous activities. Clients say. 'She has a lot of experience from the environment areas from a legal perspective. She has good analytic skills and can explain complex situations in a simple way'.”

Chambers 2016 - Energy & Natural Resources

”Tove Andersson has particular experience in environmental litigation and transactional issues, focusing primarily on wind power and quarry operations. Clients say she 'is efficient and shows deep knowledge of legal questions'.”

Chambers 2015 - Environment

”Tove Andersson is noted for her work in wind power projects, especially permit applications. She also handles environmental matters including hazardous activities and water works.”

Chambers 2015 - Energy & Natural Resources